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Aging In Place

Aging – Stage by Stage

Most of us don't wake up one morning and realize we can no longer care for ourselves. The process of aging involves multiple stages; some of us will experience all of these while others go through a few. Each stage is unique. Understanding these stages will help you prepare for them so, whether aging alone or with a partner, you will be ready for whatever lies ahead. The stages include [...]

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Long Term Care Insurance – Is it enough?

So, you planned ahead. You purchased long term care insurance (LTCI). You paid the premiums religiously. You think that, when the time comes, you’ll just file a claim and receive a check. The process seems simple enough. Think again. Most LTCI policies require that the insured demonstrate either cognitive decline, as determined by the insurer, or show an inability to complete two activities of daily living (e.g., eating, dressing, personal [...]

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Aging in Place

As published by RTD. AARP states that 87% of adults over 65 want to stay in their current homes as they age. However, realistic planning and the necessary conversations surrounding these logistics are often neglected. Far too many consider this planning to be an end of life issue which is anxiety provoking. I encourage you to view aging in place planning as an opportunity. You are planning on how to [...]

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When to Relinquish Responsibility

As published by Independence Advisors, May 14, 2018. We have all heard the story about: The grandmother who fell victim to a financial scam The widow’s house that fell into disrepair The son who had to take Dad’s driver’s license away because he crashed the car These costly mistakes may have been avoided had the individuals relinquished responsibility for the tasks before they were no longer capable of managing them. [...]

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Independence and Support: Helping Older Adults Find Balance

For many older adults, life after retirement is busy and full of meaning. Grandkids, volunteer work, travel and hobbies keep them active, engaged and full of life. But inevitably, something happens — an illness, a fall, the death of a spouse, or even a mild cognitive decline — and life becomes more stressful and difficult. Daily tasks that were once easy to manage start to slip through the cracks. Bills [...]

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