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Q. Are you insured?2021-12-09T13:23:54+00:00
A. Yes, Life Managers & Associates has general liability insurance and is bonded. We have been in business since 2012 without a single claim.
Q. Will I work with the same person?2021-12-09T13:23:38+00:00

A. Yes, a client manager will be assigned to you. We do have back up if your client manager is unavailable.

Q. Is everything confidential?2021-12-09T13:23:27+00:00

A. Yes, everything is confidential. You may designate people who which we may discuss your confidential information. This is part of our contract with you.

Q. Do you have access to my bank accounts?2021-12-09T13:22:56+00:00

A: No, Life Managers & Associates will review your bank statements and bills looking for errors and inconsistencies. We can prepare checks for your signature.

Q: How often will I get an update from you?2021-12-09T13:22:39+00:00

A:  We can keep you updated on a regular schedule or just check in when we need to but you can always call us at any time with any questions. We’re here to help!

Q: Do you clean homes?2021-12-09T13:22:27+00:00

A: No, we don’t. But we will happily contact reputable cleaning services and coordinate those jobs.

Q: Do you provide rides to the grocery store?2021-12-09T13:22:15+00:00

A: We can’t provide rides, but we can provide other solutions such as coordinating with local driving services or set up online delivery of groceries.

Q: I’m interested in having a plan for my home for the future to age in place. Is that something you handle?2021-12-09T13:22:05+00:00

A: Yes! We have a Assess Your Home Package where a National Association of Home Builders Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) thoroughly reviews your home and identify modification options, major or minor, to support aging residents.

Q: How would I know where to start to receive services?2021-12-09T13:21:53+00:00

A: Any time loved ones need a little extra help in order to stay in their homes is a good place to start. Maybe it’s that they can’t keep up with the home maintenance or they’re losing track of things more easily. We can help keep them organized and coordinate services to come in and maintain and repair the home and property. We oversee it all, so it lessens the stress for you and the family.

Q: Do you provide home care or companion services?2021-12-09T13:21:41+00:00

A: We are a not home care or companion provider agency but we have a vast network of home care agencies and individuals who we have a close working relationship with, so we will coordinate and manage those services.

Q: Do I have to have a big project, or can I just get help with smaller projects or services?2021-12-09T13:21:30+00:00

A: You can call us for anything — big or small. Maybe your loved one just needs help with paying their bills. We can do that for as many times per month as you prefer. We can also help with bigger projects like home maintenance or planning for future aging-in-place goals. We also have a retainer package if you or your loved one’s situation needs ongoing attention.

Q: Can you serve as a Power of Attorney?2021-12-09T13:21:15+00:00

A: We cannot serve as Power of Attorney (POA), but we can contract with a POA to do all of the work required. The named POA would have final approval on decisions. This is an great option when the desired POA is not local or is older themselves and reluctant to assume the responsibility given the potential work and time commitment. The trusted person is still in charge, but Life Managers & Associates does all the work!

Q: What types of services do you provide?2021-12-09T13:12:02+00:00

A: We are experts at helping individuals age in place and provide a variety of services. We handle everything from paying and organizing bills to handling contractors for home and outdoor maintenance as well as helping to plan for future aging in place. Anything we don’t handle; we outsource to local experts and oversee the work.

Q: Why would I choose Life Managers & Associates to help with aging-in-place?2021-12-09T13:12:12+00:00

A: Life Managers & Associates is not just a bill paying service or an organization business, we are aging-in-place professionals. We truly care and that’s what makes us different. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to our clients — like an extension of their family. We are an extra set of eyes and ears on loved ones and can alert family members to any potential issues in the home or with their finances before they become a bigger problem. In fact, all we do helps keep individuals in their own homes living independently as long as possible.

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