Aging alone is challenging and scary! “Solo Elders” is the term used to describe older individuals who have no partner or children. This can also include seniors with children who are estranged. Often, estate planning and long- term care are the biggest issues they face. They do not know who to leave their estate to and they are concerned about who will care for them. In addition, they face fears of isolation and loneliness.

The number of Solo Elders is predicted to grow as more couples are choosing to remain childless. US News reports that by 2040, about 21 percent of the older, disabled population will be childless: Elder Orphans

Solo seniors with wealth have the luxury to purchase long term care insurance, move into a CCRC and often lean on their trusted advisors such as yourself to help in making difficult decisions. It is a more difficult situation if you cannot pay for this help in which case, they should seek guidance from an elder care attorney early in the planning process.

Do you have solo elders as clients? Consider these resources:

  • Village to village networks provide community network for aging in place. There are over 200 nationwide and 3 here in Philadelphia:
  • Religious institutions offer many social activities geared for older adults. They also often provide pastoral care at home.
  • Elder Orphan Facebook group whose purpose is “to share and discuss issues important to people over 55 living alone without a spouse, partner, or children.”
  • Establishing a relationship with Life Managers.

Life Managers & Associates has many clients who turn to us because they have no one else to help them. As our relationship develops, we become their “go-to.” Life Managers & Associates can help your Solo Elder clients by: 

  • Bill paying services
  • Assisting with the selection, hiring, and managing of personal caregivers
  • Adapting a home to age in place
  • Managing Long Term Care insurance claims
  • Offering an objective point of view for decision making
  • Giving peace of mind knowing they have someone to call, regardless of the situation