“I don’t know how we would have transitioned from my dad from his 4,000 square foot home (filled with stuff) to a 1 bedroom apartment in Independent Living without Bode. As an only child and a new mom, I just couldn’t do it all, and she made the process so seamless, anticipating everything and taking care of it.  Even before he moved she was managing the property, helping us find contractors and any other series that let him stay safely in his home as long as possible. Most importantly, she gave us both peace of mind. I truly couldn’t have done it without her.”

— Alison, his daughter 

A 70-year-old widower was living in a large three-story home where he raised his family. The house was too much for him to manage on his own, yet he was not ready to move. Life Managers collaborated with him to create the environment he needed so he could stay home for over a year until he was ready to move to a retirement community. This included hiring a home health aide, identifying contractors for home repairs, managing lawn and garden maintenance and decluttering his space so that he could easily find items he needed.  

When it was time to sell his house, the realtor identified items that needed repair/replacement. Life Managers oversaw the completion of these tasks and worked with the client throughout the move by coordinating the packing and moving as well as distributing items to family members, auction houses, consignment or donation.

His arrival at his new “home” was seamless and stress-free. He arrived with no worries about his former home and most importantly, he is very happy with new home.