“We are so grateful for the amazing support we have received from Kim, Stacy and Kathryn. At the last minute we decided to do Christmas cards. We are feeling overwhelmed with our move (all good) and decided we needed to be in touch with our friends. In one day, Kim prepared the cards, envelops, stamps and mailing list for us. I am not sure she even went to sleep last night. She said, “I wanted you to have time to write in them!” How thoughtful and such hard work. Yesterday, I was with Stacy and Kathryn for 5 hours of very intense and focused work to clean out Anne’s apartment. I have never seen two people work so hard sorting, packing two rooms of my sister’s life. Stacy had it all organized and thought out so we knew what we were doing. They never even paused. You can imagine how long it might have taken if we became engaged in looking over past memories. We got it done thanks to the professional expertise of Stacy and Kathryn. I just wanted you to know, that in all the challenges of moving and experiencing the disappointments of aging, your team has gone beyond their tasks to help us make this chapter of our lives unfold with help and understanding. I keep asking them, do you all take classes to be so thoughtful about working with older people? I need those classes too.”