“Bode Hennegan was a lifesaver for me and will continue to be. My lacking in the organizational ability she has, Bode came in and, like a whiz, analyzed my needs and worked together with me to reorganize all my storage areas to make things more accessible. She is also connected to a network of other professionals capable of filling my other needs. I feel the confidence now that I have such an excellent professional to call upon to help me with any changes that may occur in my life. Bravo for great work!”

— Ellen 

Ellen is a vibrant woman in her mid-80s who exercises daily, is active on boards, has a busy social life, and travels extensively. After reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she realized how bogged down she was with her accumulation of possessions. She wanted to make changes, but didn’t know where to begin.

Life Managers went through and organized her large home room-by-room with her.  This included everything from the attic to the basement. Together, we identified items she no longer needed and what could be sold, donated, or purged.  The result was incredibly freeing for Ellen. She could quickly find items needed when entertaining, had her fine jewelry and gowns at her fingertips in reorganized dressing rooms, her offices files were organized and easy to retrieve, and her insurance policies and other important documents were up-to-date.

Today, her life is busier than ever, but the hours are spent doing what she enjoys most because she is now organized.