The Hidden Costs of Clutter

The presentation outlines how clutter can seriously impact the lives of aging adults – financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Specific examples and tips are provided to help one take action to remove clutter and simply life.

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De-cluttering and Dementia

The presentation provides an overview of the negative consequences of clutter with a person with cognitive decline. Critical rules for space planning and clutter management are discussed in depth. Supporting tips to the rules all build on the development of a plan which serves to ease the stress on individuals burdened with clutter.

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Simplify your Life – A Strategy for Handling Mail, Bills & Paperwork

The presentation provides three rules that provide the backbone to a strategy for handling mail, bills, and paperwork. Valuable tips within each rule are discussed. The financial, time, and health costs to being unorganized clearly support pursuing the outlined strategy to simplify.

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