Creating an Aging Plan: How advisors can support their clients

The presentation is geared to financial advisors. It provides a comprehensive analysis of planning for aging – why it can be difficult to do; why it is so critical; and how to get started. We offer a detailed five-step plan for aging and strategies for advisors to start conversations with their clients about this critical subject.

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How to Start the financial conversation with aging parents

The presentation is geared to adult children with aging parents. It highlights the best timing and approaches to use in initiating conversations about finances with aging parents. We include examples of various scenarios. The importance of collaborating with a team of trusted professionals and family members is stressed in order for each conversation and the proposed plans to succeed.

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Aging in Place, Aging Alone: Strategies for simplifying the process

The presentation is geared to the older adult. It focuses on how to view aging in place planning as an opportunity. We discuss simple strategies to implement to prepare for your independence including organizing, assessing your home, and assessing your support. We also address available resources for aging alone to assist with decision making so that bill paying, caregiving, and home modifications for example are addressed.

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