September can arrive with a force. Suddenly the kids’ school activities, coupled with work responsibilities, become overwhelming. Add caring for an aging parent to the list and the squeeze tightens!

Enter the Sandwich Generation. Caring for aging parents demands attention, time, and resources. Combine this with a career and raising kids and you have the perfect storm.

Why is our society so squeezed?

The answers: Older Americans are in a whole new predicament – they are living longer than their parents did and they have no frame of reference for the extensive planning that aging demands.

Having never witnessed their parents plan for old age, they too, have failed to plan. Often, this is combined with gradual cognitive decline. They don’t recognize these changes and they constantly adapt to their new status quo. It’s often not until a child visits their older parents’ home and/or spends time with them that the child realizes just how bad things have become.

To squeeze you and your clients out of the sandwiched predicament, consider resources such as Life Managers & Associates. We can help you address immediate challenges and plan to avoid even greater ones. Life Managers & Associates can help you and your clients by:

  • Supporting daily money management to protect from mistakes such as duplicate or unauthorized charges, late fees, overdraws, and scams;
  • Conducting a home assessment by a Certified Aging in Place Specialist to identify modification options to support aging residents;
  • Organizing, decluttering, and establishing processes to keep order in the home.