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The Costs of Unpaid Caregiving

When was the last time you thought about how caregiving would be handled once you or your loved one’s health starts declining? It is an important question to ask yourself because more and more people are needing care in America as our population ages. Yet most of the care provided in the United States right now is by unpaid family members or friends. In fact, millions of individuals provide care [...]

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Now What? Reuniting with Loved Ones After COVID Vaccination

After a long, hard year, the time has finally arrived for some families who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 to reunite. Maybe loved ones have been in an assisted living facility where the doors were closed to visitors until recently. Or maybe senior parents living on their own have been vaccinated and they feel safe to spend time together again. Whatever the reason, many families can’t wait to get back together. [...]

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Squeezed – As you Care for Kids & Aging Parents

September can arrive with a force. Suddenly the kids’ school activities, coupled with work responsibilities, become overwhelming. Add caring for an aging parent to the list and the squeeze tightens! Enter the Sandwich Generation. Caring for aging parents demands attention, time, and resources. Combine this with a career and raising kids and you have the perfect storm. Why is our society so squeezed? The answers: Older Americans are in a [...]

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Holidays: A Great Time for Family Meetings

Holidays are about families coming together in celebration. This time of year offers an opportunity to hold a family meeting to address the needs of aging parents. Bringing the family support network together is a crucial step in planning for the aging process or addressing immediate concerns. Just as you dedicate time and energy to planning holiday gatherings, you can apply similar efforts for family meetings. Here are family meeting [...]

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Role Reversal – Why & When Children Become the Caretakers

It is inevitable that a transfer of decision making from parent to child will occur at some point in a parent’s life. So, what will this look like? It can be messy with hurt feelings, lost money, and inadequate care. Or, it can be wonderful with enriched relationships, gratitude, and peace of mind for all. The messy situations occur when people avoid the necessary conversations. This costly mistake has monetary [...]

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