For many of us, it’s hard to remember when our phones weren’t our constant companions. When Google couldn’t give us the answer to any of our questions.

For the younger generation, this is all they have ever known. They are malleable and adapt well to new things. For an older generation, while smart phones and Facebook allow them to keep in touch with their grandchildren, going out of those bounds and embracing technology can conjure up fears of the overly complicated and abdication of control. Forcing the use of technology can backfire because the person feels as if their independence is being taken away.

As an adult child, have you tried to convince your parent to try online banking and autopay? Have you faced resistance? If your mother or father is not comfortable with navigating the internet or a website they may perceive this urging as a loss of control – a hit to their independence. So, even though it may be faster and more economical, in these situations, the insistence of technology may not be the best solution.

For other people becoming seniors, those who are more tech savvy, technology can be a way to gain independence, not lose control. Beyond entertainment and connections, just consider a few of the perks that technology can provide, as noted in a article:

  • Provide access to transportation and necessities
    • Rides to medical visits
    • Grocery delivery services
    • Home maintenance and upkeep assistance
  • Monitor health and wellness
    • Medical alert apps connected to emergency services
    • Heart rate & blood pressure monitors
    • Medication reminders
  • Enhance safety
    • Smart door locks
    • Video doorbells
    • Automated motion or night light sensors
  • Alerts caregivers of irregularities
    • Video check-ins
    • Movement trackers
    • Medication notifications

Technology can also improve the ability to keep up to date with current events, to find those lost items that “were just there a minute ago,” or to notch up the room temperature when it’s a bit chilly out.

Ultimately, the key is to foster comfort and a sense of control. No matter where a senior is on the technology spectrum, Life Managers & Associates is available to help.  Our goal is to foster independence. We’ll explain to our client how technology can improve a situation, but if the client is not ready to make the move to online, we’ll meet them wherever they live in this growing high-tech world.