Everything we do at Life Managers & Associates is dedicated to helping seniors maintain their independence. Advance planning is the key.

Over the past twelve years of supporting older adults, we have experienced it all. We started in 2012 managing the administrative and organizational needs of our clients to make it easier for seniors to tackle day-to-day activities – enabling independence. During this time, we have seen families that have navigated aging beautifully and those that have struggled. The common denominator for success is seniors who have been intentional in their planning and who strongly communicate with their “team” (i.e. family and professionals that surround them).

The intangible benefit we provide is a physical presence. Our role, whether with bill payment or organization, requires us to be in the house with our client, and it puts us in the unique position to recognize red flags in a variety of areas.

We realized that accessibility, recognizing how seniors safely live and access their homes as they decline physically and/or cognitively, was missing from our service offerings.

In 2019, Bode became a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) – Kate Stephan and Patty McDonough also hold this certification. This designation provides specialized training in home modification and accessibility and we began offering the Assess Your Home Package designed to evaluate the suitability of a home for aging in place.

In 2023, Kate, with her master’s in occupational therapy , began supervising operations. She took our services to a new level by giving us the ability to look at all client situations through the lens of how we can help create a home environment that allows seniors to participate in activities of daily life more easily.

Now in 2024 we are excited to take this step to offer consulting services! It will further help our clients achieve their independence goals and successfully age in place.  These services include:

  • Assess your home for the physical feasibility of aging in place
    • Advise on needed home modifications
    • Advise on the financial cost of modifications
  • Create a Plan for Future Living to help maintain your independence, including:
    • Who will manage your personal affairs
    • Where to live if you can’t stay in your home
    • Who will care for you

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