The end of the year is a frenzy of activity for financial and legal professionals as you rush to assist clients with maximizing retirement contributions, minimizing tax bites, facilitating donations, reviewing estate plans and so much more. Completion of these tasks can become more challenging as your clients age.

As professionals who work with seniors, whether you are an attorney, financial advisor, or you provide support in the home as we do at Life Managers and Associates (LMA), it is vital and more efficient to work together to ensure that our mutual clients achieve their goal of aging in place for as long as possible. Call us Team Independence. As part of the team, we can help in the client’s environment to make your job easier. Here’s how:

  1. Streamline administrative tasks: Administrative support, like we provide at LMA, can simplify day-to-day tasks to allow seniors to live independently longer. By consistently managing paperwork, bill payments, and correspondence, we are in a prime position to recognize red flags in finances, spot health concerns, and identify changes that may be necessary for continued aging in place. To that end, it is incumbent on us to:
  2. Facilitate communication: We act as a bridge between older adults, estate attorneys, financial planners, and family members to ensure that all parties are well-informed and on the same page. LMA can make recommendations for needed home modifications or repairs. We can assist in conversations regarding changes to healthcare directives, etc. For all parties to be effective, we will efficiently:
  3. Organize and retrieve documents: Over a lifetime, everyone accumulates hundreds of important documents. We assist in organizing and maintaining these documents, making it easier for you to not only access necessary information during the planning process but identify which documents require updating. As well, we will implement systems to catalog these documents and make them readily retrievable when their use is required. Additionally, we will:
  4. Oversee insurance coverage: By keeping track of policy details and renewal dates, we assist clients in maintaining adequate coverage, complementing the work of attorneys and financial planners, to ensure that coverage aligns with a client’s evolving needs.

As Team Independence, we foster peace of mind for the senior and their family members while supporting the goal of aging in place. Our clients will know that their “team” is working together to make sure they remain in a safe, comfortable, and financially sound environment. With all sides on the same page, decision making becomes easier thereby reducing stress for all involved parties.

We are excited to work with our legal and financial partners to help our mutual clients enter the new year with confidence and assurance that their affairs are well-managed. We look forward to our continued collaboration – or new collaborations if you have additional clients we can assist. Go Team Independence! And Happy New Year!