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The Cost of Clutter

No one likes clutter…but have you ever thought about the costs? As we grow older, clutter can seriously impact the lives of aging adults – financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. Americans collectively spend a whopping $2.7 billion every year simply replacing items that have been lost due to clutter or disorganization. Clutter can result in a number of financial consequences including: ● The loss of income due to the misplacement [...]

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What Daily Money Management Services Can Do

Barbara is 86 years old and recently widowed. Her husband of 65 years handled all of the mail, bill paying and filing. Now, she is saddled with a pile of paperwork and bills that need to be paid. She is overwhelmed and realizes she needs help. But Barbara doesn’t have any nearby family who can assist her — her closest family member lives about three hours away. Barbara knows if [...]

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When a Client Dies, Who Helps with the Surviving Spouse’s Affairs?

It can be heartbreaking when one of your clients dies and leaves a grieving spouse behind. During this sad and often tumultuous time, it’s hard for some surviving spouses to know how to move forward amidst their grief. As you know, after a spouse dies, there are many tasks that have to be tended to. Luckily, they have you as an advisor who can point them in the right direction [...]

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Does Your Loved One Need Help Managing Daily Finances?

Mike is 85 years old and has always handled his family’s money and bills. Unfortunately, Mike recently had a stroke, is in the hospital and incapable of paying the bills. His wife, Sarah, has never handled their money so doesn’t even know where to start.  ***********  Maria is 90 and has lived alone for the past 15 years. She missed paying a few bills in recent months and is now [...]

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